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Saturday, September 25, 2010

On Lack of Motivation

Well, as anyone can tell, blogging has come to a complete standstill since August 10th. The reason...? It is quite simple and can also be applied to life too. When there is no incentive to do something, it becomes irrelevant and put in the back of our minds. That is what has happened with Shabangity. There has been a lack of motivation to continue the blog due to the bloggers leaving for college, but I promise all you followers that Shabangity will be back up and running!

So, the life lesson here is...people you need to keep goals in mind and stay motivated because when you are motivated, things get done! When you don't have any motivation, laziness takes over your life and inefficiency comes into the picture.

To make this short little blurb even shorter, motivation is the key to being efficient!