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Friday, July 16, 2010

On Being Efficient

This past week I have tried to make use of every second I have had to accomplish everything I need to do, and what I find myself having is more free time. More free time to relax and enjoy life, your friends, your family, and most importantly, yourself. A lot of wasted time goes into video games or just lying around saying you are 'going to hangout with a friend later' you do nothing all day until you hangout with them. Well, that's just an instance, but say you always say 'well, I can't do this or that because I am doing this today.' You won't accomplish anything you need to do and it is just going to end up taking forever for you to do so.

So, by being efficient I mean, when you wake up in the morning, instead of taking that down time to allow yourself to wake up, eat a healthy breakfast first, then go out and start accomplishing your goals, chores, and/or errands for the day. By taking the initiative and doing this, you will find that you feel less bored on a summer day where seemingly there is nothing to do. In addition, you feel a sense of relief afterwards and you can then do anything you want for the rest of the day and night. Just remember try and balance you with the world. That's the most important thing of them all. Being efficient is just another step in creating a more enjoyable lifestyle.

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