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Sunday, July 11, 2010

On Taking the Initiative

Taking the initiative is a concept nowadays that seems quite challenging for some, well for a lot. This particular topic popped into my mind after listening to my cousin complain about having to work at a summer camp where he isn't going to get paid. It actually isn't the paid part that bothers him, it's the "work" part that irks him. Regardless, he will gain invaluable experience aiding younger kids in tennis, which will help him in the future, as he intends to be a gym teacher for a career. Taking the initiative comes into play because no matter what comes along; he always waits for someone else to do the work for him and he has made it all the way through high school this way. Living off the capability of having everyone do his work is something that he can get away with at a young age, but once he is ready to go into the mainstream world...he will get crushed.

One who tends to take the lazy way out of things and have other people handle various activities or duties for them is doing no good living here on this planet. Basically I bring this topic up because one can only take so much of someone's constant, continual inability to work. How can someone expect to get somewhere in this world without ever doing any work along the way? How some people live this way is beyond me. Just take the initiative...go beyond your shyness, your fears, your doubts, your frustrations, your flaws, and take a chance. Take a chance to put yourself out there and try new things and be confident in your own personal abilities because at the end of the day, every person possesses certain qualities that make them worthy to the world. People similar to my cousin who are content with being stuck in the mud at the same place are just wasting their abilities and affect the lives of people who actually go out and take command of their role. So as I finish, I want to just say take the initiative in anything you want to do in life, whether if it is simply wanting to have a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, going after that crush you've had, or going after something you feel you have no business going for, be confident...take the initiative and go for it. Good things will only come if you decide to act upon your wants and desires. Don't let your laziness or lack of ambition get in the way. Act now and be the person who always strives to finish their work first.

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  1. CJ!! I keep forgetting you're an author on this too so when i read the past two posts I was like wtf is matt talking about.. oh wait it's CJ haha but I enjoyed this one especially, very inspiring, haha I think I'm gonna go take the initiative ;)


    btw google is really lame and won't let me make an account using my current email soo i have this one... oh and we should chill soon