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Sunday, August 8, 2010

On the Downfall of Urban Aesthetics

The other day, my friend brought my attention to this picture of downtown Houston in the 1970s:

This photo was not edited in anyway; there were seriously this many parking lots. It's funny, ridiculous, and depressing all at once.  For one thing, the city clearly requires much better urban planning so bigger buildings, and logically bigger businesses, can follow.  To add, it's just plain ugly.  Who wants to live in a high-rise when the only view is acres of parking?  This picture almost gives the city a dead, nothing-going-on, stagnant feeling to it.

As seasoned blog reader (however many there actually may be) may ask, "You seem to talk about nature a lot.  As in, I thought you were kind of the neo-transcendentalist-hippie-Jack London nature woo! type. Why do you care about urban aesthetics?"

And I would first respond with, "Great question, seasoned reader!"

Seriously though, I like nature, but I have other interests, such as Acknowledging the Downfall of Urban Aesthetics and Telling People About It.  Now I'm going to be a bit cliche.

A city truly is a concrete jungle, and like a real jungle, it has its layers that need to function together to make a successful system.  When all that exists are parking lots, it is like chopping down the rainforests (I went there).  The city disintegrates into a wasteland.  In short, parking garages would be a better choice.

If anyone has pictures of a similar situation (my apologies to my friend for usurping his picture), post the pictures or the links!

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