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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On Why Major League Baseball and the Civil War are Related

I'll say right off the bat that I might be overextending the analogy on this one, in case you weren't able to see that already from the title.  I think I should first explain the thought process that lead to this conclusion.

While running through a meadow the other day (how poetic!), I began to think of battlefields (I subconsciously associated meadows with battlefields), and how many Civil War battles were fought on large fields and farmland.  My next thought was on regionalism and what traces of regionalism can still be found in America today.  I began to think of Boston natives and their intense love of their local sports, especially the Red Sox.  These Red Sox followers do not take kindly to those in New York who support the Yankees, and as a result, we have a bit of a modern day regional conflict.

Of course, these conflicts are not militant, or anywhere close to being militant for that matter, but there is a bit of an underlying hatred of the opponent.  To add, the regionalism could arguably be worse, since it is more localized and represents a smaller areas.  Depending on your perspective, many smaller regions that do not like other regions could be worse than two large regions that do not like each other.

Obviously nothing violent will come out of such rivalries, but I still find it interesting to note how we still hold onto things such as regional differences.

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