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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Frustration

It seems no matter the occasion, things need to be difficult. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems. For instance, I woke up extra early this morning to go over to the NJ DMV Inspection station to get my car all checked out before I leave for school. The sticker on my car read 8/2010, so I really didn't have a choice... I had to go. So, I drive over to the DMV and there is no line, so I thought to myself, "Great! This will take like 15 minutes and I'll be done with". I was so excited as I watched my car pass through each station knowing that it would only be a matter of minutes before I could drive off with my car and not return to that energy-draining facility for 2 years. But, of course, as I sit down on the bench as my car continues onto the last part of inspection, I watch the lady slap on the red 'REJECTED' sticker. For what? Well, I recently had my car worked on at an auto body shop and because the mechanics took out the battery tray and then replaced after they finished their work, this caused the car's computer system to reset. So basically, my computer did not indicate the correct readings. The inspector told me that the fix is to drive my car around 100 miles and bring it back. What a pain! And I have been frustrated ever since, but I realize that it's no use in allowing yourself to ruin your day over it. Just drive and go back another time, even though it is such a nuisance to even have to drive over to the DMV. But, I'll deal.

Anyway, the point of the matter being that no matter what the situation is, if it evokes frustration, don't allow it to eat away at you all day. Just simply turn away and continue on with your day and things will work out in the end. My solution for this frustration was to go lift some weights and workout. Physical activity is always a good way to release any negative thoughts or feelings that you may have. Steer clear of being frustrated and whatever it is, it'll work itself out.

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