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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On Disregarding Others

Now this is obviously a very broad topic, and I should have probably thought of a better name for this since I'm going to be fairly specific here.  When I mean disregarding others, I am talking about being incredibly naive to one's surroundings.  Today I saw an instance of this at a parking lot.

The instance involved the actual parking of cars.  In this parking lot, cars line up next to each other as the lot fills since it is a gravel lot and does not have any parking lines.  By having the cars park in an orderly fashion, space is saved and more cars are able to fit into the lot.  Nevertheless, while cars were parking down a row, someone felt the need to floor by everyone and park in an open space near one of the corners of the lot.  The way she parked took up what would be be two spots.  It was incredibly obnoxious, and had you been able to see it as well, you would instantly agree. She disregarded the valets who were trying to make the cars orderly, and she instead had to do her own thing and obnoxiously park.

Now, I ask, what mindset allowed this person to disregard others and decide that she didn't need to follow standards/listen to the parking lot directors?  Personally, I would have a guilty conscience for being so brazen.  Who knows, who knows.

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