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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On Things Happening At Perfectly Timed Moments

I am writing this because two things have happened to me during the past two days that were both perfectly timed and annoying.  It is incredibly coincidental how they happened, but both were irritating.

First, while at work last night, I had to keep walking under this pipe.  The pipe was for cold water, so there was condensation that would build up and drip down every once in a while.  The drips were rare, but I got hit on the arm and head three or four times throughout the course of the night.  The chances of me getting hit once were rare, but I kept getting hit and it was statistically wrong and annoying.  After the first two times, I looked up and saw a drop.  I watched it while working, looking up occasionally to see that the drop was still there.  Eventually I had to walk under it, and when I did, it hit me in the face.  It was as though the drop was waiting for me.

The second instance of perfectly timed annoyance occurred while I was cleaning my pool this afternoon.  I vacuumed all the stuff off the bottom and skimmed all the remaining leaves off of the top of the pool.  This took a while, and it was nice to finally finish.  As soon as I turn around to leave the pool, and I mean as soon as I turned around, a big gust came and blew a bunch of dead leaves into the pool.  I had to go back and clean it up.  It was thoroughly irritating.

So my question is, how do these things happen at such perfect times?  The wind could have blown when I was cleaning or way afterward, but it didn't.  The drop could have fell at any other time, but it didn't.  Who knows, who knows.

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