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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On Mowing the Lawn

Yesterday I decided to quickly mow my lawn before any of the forecasted rain came. As I finished mowing my front lawn and moved to the back, I realized how much I love mowing my lawn. Through thick and thin, my mower and I have pulled through to tame what wilderness (a.k.a. lawn) we can tame. I have been mowing my lawn for about 10 years or so, and I have never gotten bored. Never. I've been stung by bees, wasps, and hornets. I've had confrontations with angry groundhogs and have accidentally run over all sorts of things (tennis balls seem to go the farthest - they get sliced and shot out the side some 40 feet - it's awesome). Even when I'm on the verge of boredom, all I need to do is switch up my mowing pattern and voila! light/dark contrast in the grass makes cool new patterns (I've been into the square lately)! To me, there's something oddly exhilarating about chopping down the grass.

This is also a bit odd. While I have never tired on mowing my lawn, there have been many other things I have grown out of or grown bored of. I rarely play videogames anymore, even though I used to do so quite a bit 3 or 4 years ago. Even when I played one videogame would get less exciting, prompting me to move onto the next one. I think we've all experienced it, but people too can get boring or cease to be that same person you once knew. We move one from these things and people, yet there are still routines or objects that remain the same and do not lose their value.

I truly enjoy having this simple aspect of me that does not overly change. We are all constantly changing throughout our lives, but we tend to forget the basic parts of us that remain the same. I am all for looking toward the future while enjoying the present, but recognizing what beneficial objects that we still hold on to from the past is still key. These unchanging, un-boring routines or items will be there in spite of what may happen to us otherwise. They provide normalcy and usually a sense of security and calm. Mine happens to be as quirky as mowing the lawn. I encourage all to look at their lives and find something that they enjoy that does not change (positive thing, mind you). No matter what happens, you'll have something to turn to for stability.


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