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Monday, June 14, 2010

On Rushing

Simply put, we live in a world that needs to slow down.

Sadly, I only realized the true extent of my rushing not too long ago. I'm usually relaxed about most situations, but in some cases I always feel rushed and have a need to get somewhere as quickly as possible. For example, there may be a family party at 2, and I will be incredibly anxious to get there on time. I will get irritated that people are not ready when they need to be, and I will be rushing myself and others.

Nevertheless, the irony occurs when it is time to leave. When I want to go home, I really want to go home. I am rushing and pushing to leave a place that I had rushed and pushed to get to in the first place. It's not necessarily family parties; it could be a number of things. Sometimes I rush to get somewhere, stay as long as I want, and then rush to get to the next destination. It is not healthy to live a life like this.

I have personally calmed down, but many others need to recognize how much enjoyment they are missing out on. When you're not rushed, your mind is at ease, and you will be in a much better mood when you arrive at your destination, regardless of how late or early you are. Many a time I have seen parents rush to take kids to practices or games, driving recklessly, only to rush to get back home. It's not necessary (sometimes there are urgent matters, but most of the time it's overexaggerated and stressful). I like to take the "years from now" approach. Will it matter in years from now that you didn't get there exactly on time? No - what matters is that you went to the family party/game/restaurant. Life is meant for enjoyment - it is not some rat race to see how many things can be done in one day and how efficiently they can be done.

So, for your safety, sanity, and overall enjoyment of life, slow down!

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